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SIR Simple Image Resizer

About SIR

SIR (Simple Image Resizer) is a tool created for batch parallel resizing, rotate and converting images with metadata support.
You can add frame or text and apply color and gradient filters on your images.
You can also manipulate on histogram.
Finally you can do this all activities on many images at the same time using your multiple core CPU!

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SIR 2.8 Is Out!

Hello Folks, I made finally Simple Image Resizer 2.8 release. And I'm very proud about that :-)

Largest changes comparing to the last release, SIR 2.7.3:

  • Changed SIR to single instance application
  • Added status bar
  • Added Dotate button in About dialog
  • Improved keyboard navigation for selecting files in TreeWidget
  • Removed setting empty dcraw path string after browse cancel
  • Fixed left arrow shortcut for previous image in PreviewDialog
  • Fixed no files with lowercase extension in "Add File" dialog
  • Fixed enabling/disabling buttons in "File Details" options dialog after load settings
  • Fixed open link in default web browser instead About dialog
  • Fixed freeze of the application while loading many images
  • Updated Polish translation

Detailed list of changes is included in the blog entry.

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2014 Marek Jędryka @ Techmetria