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SIR Simple Image Resizer

About SIR

SIR (Simple Image Resizer) is a tool created for batch parallel resizing, rotate and converting images with metadata support.
You can add frame or text and apply color and gradient filters on your images.
You can also manipulate on histogram.
Finally you can do this all activities on many images at the same time using your multiple core CPU!

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SIR 3.1 Is Out!

First 3.x series update was released. Enjoy!

Changes comparing to the SIR 3.0 release:

  • Changed format of generated thumbnails from TIFF to JPEG
  • Fixed wait currsor after unselect files issue
  • Integrated tests with TravisCI platform
  • Updated Polish translation (Raw basic tab)

SIR 3.0 Is Out!

I'm glad that I can share new SIR release to you.

Changes comparing to the last release of 2.x series, SIR 2.8:

  • Added Raw tab into main window
  • Added Basic view tab for user frendly Raw configuration
  • Changed required C++ version to C++11
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